About the Book

We need to understand the failings of the Health Service in order to get the highest quality and safest health care for ourselves and our families. If we are confronted with problems or failures in the Health Service then we need to deal with them in such a way that we bring about change and improvement.
As many as 30,000 people, in the UK, die each year as

a result of medical errors.

Prescribed drugs kill.

To have the best chance of beating cancer, it is essential that you are diagnosed at an early stage.

UK cancer survival rates are ‘the worst in the Western world’.

On average 25% of people are initially misdiagnosed by their doctor.

Each year hundtreds of patients die in hospitals from dehydration and starvation.

Thousands of patients feel let down by the National Health Service.

Dirty hospital wards lead to the deaths of thousands of patients year after year.

Liverpool Care Pathway – Time for a re-think?

Our health should be our most treasured possession.

Time to bring back Matron and cull the Managers.

One in 300 NHS patients killed by avoidable blunders, warns Sir Richard Branson in call for new safeguards.

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