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Jimmy Smyth trained and worked in Downshire Hospital as a psychiatric nurse and in Epsom District Hospital as a general nurse. He then completed his social work training and later qualified as an approved social worker.

This is Jimmy’s first book and he was motivated to write it as he believes that we need to become more aware of the importance of our health and we should play our part in helping to raise standards within health care.

The author has 40 years experience within the health service, where he trained and practiced, both as a nurse and as a social worker, working with all age groups and in a number of specialized settings.
For a large part of his life, Jimmy has worked and observed the achievements and the failings of the Health Service and it is his belief that the public needs to be made aware of its weaknesses as well as its strengths. It is not the Government, Hospital Managers, or Doctors that will bring about the changes that are needed in the Health Service that is a job for the people.
He believes passionately, that users of health care should have a greater understanding of the workings of the Health Service and that they are able to choose the best possible care and treatment available, both for themselves and for their families. Users of health services should develop the confidence to question, challenge and demand a high level of health care and treatment.
Jimmy feels that there is an urgent need for the health service to become more transparent and to be more open and honest with patients. When a medical error, or hospital mistake occurs, it should be the practice of every doctor, clinic and hospital to disclose what has happened to the patient and although we shouldn’t lose sight of all the positive achievements of the Health Service, neither should we become complacent and leave change solely to the managers and medics.

‘’ Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind.’’
Mary Baker Eddy.
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